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Attention Campus Guests:  Visitor Requirement

All guests of Florida Tech who are visiting campus for any period of time must report to the Security Welcome Center located at 3126 Panther Place, where they will be issued a temporary visitor ID and free parking pass. The visitor ID must be displayed on the guest's person at all times. This protocol does not apply to guests of the Office of Admissions, which has its own safe process for welcoming visitors. Thank you and stay safe!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Tech Department of Security is to support the educational mission of the university by promoting safety, providing a variety of emergency services, and working in collaboration with the entire university and the community. The Department of Security will partner with students, faculty, staff and visitors to provide a safe and secure learning environment. The goal is to deliver high quality, professional, efficient, and consistent safety services to the campus and to proactively build and strengthen specialized partnerships that engage the community through education and awareness to reduce crime.

“Professionally and compassionately providing a safe learning environment.”

Core Values





Coordination with State and Local Emergency Service Providers

Florida Tech has a working agreement with the City of Melbourne that when emergency services are requested, or a determination is made that a need exists, the City of Melbourne will be the primary emergency service responder.  This includes police, fire, and medical services.  In the event additional services are needed, Brevard County and/or the State of Florida emergency services divisions will assist when requested by the City of Melbourne.  Florida Tech endeavors to work with and support these local and state emergency providers by assisting when and where needed. This includes all investigations of criminal incidents occurring on or off campus when faculty, staff, or students may be involved.

Security Memberships

Florida Tech Department of Security is an active member of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), as well as members of the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals (NACCOP).

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